Bedtime Routine For A Newborn

Whoever invented the phrase “sleeps like a baby” apparently hasn’t had a baby. Newborn babies can be fussy, exhausted, and still refusing to fall asleep. And when they actually do sleep, babies could make weird and loud noises and actively move in the sleep. One way how you can help your baby to easier fall […]

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12 Recipes For Baby Lead Weaning

Baby lead weaning is a great way how to introduce your little one to the joys of food. And it’s great for parents who are a bit too lazy to make all those purees and just want to eat the same things as their kids do. Personally, I don’t like giving my child anything that […]

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How to Set Up a Home Office

Work from home office

Working from home has its challenges. There are more distractions at home, which may lead to decreased productivity. One of the ways how to effectively boost your ability to work from home is to set up a home office. By creating a dedicated workspace you’ll be able to separate living and working areas in your […]

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How to Be Productive Working at Home

Productive working from home

As convenient it maybe not to have a daily commute to work, it may also be challenging to work from home. Do you feel less productive and have opened the fridge four times already just because you are bored? The trouble is, working in a special workplace away from home has its restrictions which make […]

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