How to Parent When You’re Exhausted

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Parenthood is an incredible, life-changing experience. But let’s face it – it’s also exhausting!

As a new parent, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to keep up with your little one.

But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to make parenting easier when you’re running on empty. Here’s how to parent when you’re exhausted!

How to Parent When You're Exhausted
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Take Care of Yourself First

The most important thing you can do as a parent when you’re feeling exhausted is to take care of yourself first. This means taking some time each day for self-care. Whether it’s a hot bath, a yoga session, or just a few minutes of meditation, carving out a little “me time” will help recharge your batteries and give you the energy to take on the day.

Ask for Help

It can be hard to admit that you need help with parenting, but it’s important to remember that there is no shame in asking for assistance. Reach out to family members or friends who can provide support in whatever way they can – from watching your child while you get some rest, helping with household chores like laundry or grocery shopping, or even just lending an ear so that you can vent about any frustrations that come up during the day.

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Get Organized

Being organized will save time and energy in the long run. Set up routines and schedules for yourself and your child so that everything runs smoothly throughout the day. Make sure both of your needs are met by planning ahead for activities such as meal prep and diaper changes. A little bit of preparation goes a long way when it comes to making parenting easier!


Parenting is hard work! But by taking care of yourself first, asking for help when needed, and getting organized ahead of time, parenting doesn’t have to be so exhausting all the time.

When things get tough (and they will!) remind yourself that every moment spent with your little one is precious – and worth all the effort!

With these tips in mind, being a parent doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming anymore!

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