11 Valentine’s Day Home Decorations Under $20

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Do you want to decorate your home for Valentine’s day but don’t want to spend a fortune? Then you have come to the right place!

Here are some of the cutest Valentine’s day home decor under $20 that you can find on Amazon. Most of these are available with free two-day shipping through Amazon Prime!

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The Best Valentine’s Day Home Decorations

These home decorations are great if you plan to have Valentine’s Day party.

But Valentine’s day can be private as well if you wish to celebrate it only with your significant other.

However you decide to bring the celebration to your home is up to you, but it’s nice to decorate your space with some red accents and fun things just to set this day apart from the others.

In the list below you’ll find great and cheap decorations for Valentine’s day. Just make sure that when you set them up that they are safe for children. Some things like confetti aren’t baby-friendly as the little ones might want to put them in their mouths.

1. Be Mine Banner

You can use this banner as a nice background for photos or above a serving table. It’s a nice decoration if you have really small children as they can’t get to it and put it in their mouths.

2. Red Heart Shaped Ceramic Mugs

The red mugs can be used even after Valentine’s day just to remind you of your love. But they are cute and red which makes them a perfect accessory to Valentine’s day table decorations.

3. Linen Table Runner

Farmhouse style table runner is a great addition to Valentine’s Day themed table setting. It can be reused also at Christmas and other parties.

4. Happy Valentine’s Day Glittery Banner

This is an adorable banner that would also be great for the photo backdrops. It comes pre-assembled, so it’s really effortless to install in your room.

5. Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers

I love a good pillow cover, don’t you? It’s such an easy way to transform the room without actually doing much. And it’s child-safe for any age of your babies.

6. Laurel Hearts Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are practical and could be used as a gift. And if you put them on a display so that they could dry in an open place the towels may become yet another decoration that brings joy to you.

7. Heart Shape Balloons

I love how balloons cost so little but bring so much volume and color to any room where they are added. You can hang them around the table, on walls or windows, or even to the ceiling. For maximum effect, they can be filled with helium to float.

8. Beauty and The Beast Rose

Rose is a symbol of love. This one comes with fairy lights and looks really cute in dimmed rooms. Add it to your table setting or on the nightstand for a more romantic decor.

9. Love Picture Frame

Picture frame is a cute gift for your loved one if you put a personalized picture inside. And it will decorate your shelves for the years to come to show your love and affection.

10. Red Heart Confetti

Confetti can serve as a decoration for your table or bed. Just make sure that small children don’t have access to them as these are easy to put in their mouths.

11. Pink Glitter Glasses

A fun way how to decorate the table is by adding glasses with glitter. These pink glasses are made of plastic so perfect for parties with children as there is no risk of breaking glass.

When should you start decorating for Valentine’s Day?

To make the feeling of celebration special it would be good to decorate home for Valentine’s Day no sooner than a week before the 14th of February.

If you have a special party planned it’s ok to decorate a day before just to check that everything is in place and there is no need for a last-minute run to a shop.

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