How Many Clothes To Buy Before The Baby Is Born?

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Baby clothes are so cute that it’s hard to resist putting 10 tiny baby pajamas right in your shopping cart. Just to keep yourself in check it’s wise to plan beforehand how many clothes you actually need to buy before the baby is born.

This is one of those things like breastfeeding and sleeping routine that seem to be quite unknown until you have a baby of your own.

Newborns actually don’t need all that many clothes as they aren’t as active as toddlers and usually don’t get into multiple messes during a day.

This gives a great option to keep the number of clothes quite minimal in the beginning. There are many advantages to a lower number of baby clothes:

  • It’s cheaper to have less clothes;
  • It’s easier to deal with a smaller amount of clothes to wash/dry/put back into a closet. Especially when you have just gotten all the new chores of parenting;
  • It’s environmentally friendly;
  • It leaves you with less decisions to make during a day as you don’t have tens of cute outfits to decide from.

You would be surprised how little your bundle of joy will actually need. For the first months your baby will need a lot of love, patience, and naps. And he or she will not need a mountain of clothes.

When should I start buying clothes for my unborn baby?

When you become pregnant there might be a longer or shorter period of time when you will want to prepare everything for the newest member of your family.

There are many things that you can prepare ahead of the time. The list is long and probably for many parents begins with deciding on how to name the baby. Other things to consider might include preparation of a nursery, buying a crib, stroller, car seat, and any other baby-things.

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The best time when to start buying baby clothes is around the middle of the pregnancy when the doctors can tell the baby’s gender. Around that time you will be more used to being pregnant and hopefully over any morning-sickness or other hardships that the beginning of pregnancy can bring.

You can then choose baby clothes according to your feeling of what the baby might like. It’s easy to buy gender-neutral clothes for the small ones, as well as some which may have some girly details or cute superhero pictures.

How many clothes to buy before the baby is born?

This is a minimal list of baby clothes. Check some other considerations in the post below to adjust this list to your needs.


Pajamas is one of the easiest ways how to dress a baby. You don’t have to think of matching top and bottom part, and the socks are usually built-in as well.

Make sure that you buy pajamas with a zipper as it is so easy to use. Especially for the night-time diaper changes.

If I had to prepare for the next baby now I’d buy a set of 3 pajamas in neutral colors in 0-3month size.


A classic combo of every-day wear is a bodysuit and pants. Depending on the season when your baby is born you can choose a long-sleeve bodysuit and pants or a shorts-leeve bodysuit and shorts.

If I had to prepare for the next baby now I’d buy a set of 4 matching long-sleeve bodysuits and pants. I wore this kind of clothing on my first baby in both winter and colder days in summer, so I’d buy them independently of the season.

However, if the baby would be born in summer, I’d bug additional set of short-sleeve bodysuits and one pair of shorts. A romper or a just a short-sleeve bodysuit is ok to wear on the hotter days.


Unless all or your baby’s wardrobe consists of pajamas with built-in socks you will need some tiny socks to keep the feet warm.

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For small babies there is no need to buy socks that don’t slip because they will not be training for walking for quite some time. But you can make your life easier by buying a set of socks in the same color to save time on matching them.

If I had to prepare for the next baby now I’d buy a set of 3 or 4 pairs of matching socks.


Its customary to put on a hat for a newborn baby. But there is no need to have a hat on your baby in a room-temperature surroundings even in the first months.

If I had to prepare for the next baby now I’d buy one hat for wearing just after the birth or for traveling from home to car.

And an additional hat depending on a season outside. Sun protection is as important in summer as being warm in the winter.


You would be surprised how sharp baby nails can get. In addition to that we were recommended not to cut the nails for around a week after birth. As a result our baby was scratching her face any time when she didn’t have mittens on.

If I had to prepare for the next baby now I’d buy at least two pairs of baby mittens – one for wear and another for wash.


In wintertime, it is important to keep the baby warm but not overheated. One winter onesie combined with some warmer meant for stroller should be enough for the first months.

Is it good to buy baby clothes before delivery?

You will have to pack some baby clothes in your hospital bag so that your baby can wear something after delivery. So yes, you must buy some clothes before the baby arrives.

However, it’s not necessary to buy a lot of clothes beforehand. Here are some reasons why it’s better to wait after the delivery to buy the majority of baby clothes.

You don’t know the precise size of the baby

Before birth it’s hard to tell what size your baby will have. Some babies are small and wear newborn size, but some are born bigger and can be too big for the smallest size of baby clothes.

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Gender might surprise you

Even with all of the modern technology there are still some gender-related surprises when a baby is born.

Not all babies revel their genders during the scans. And there could also be some mistakes when determining the gender early on.

It’s probably not that often that you would expect girl and would get a boy, but this could happen still.

Baby’s behavior

Each tiny human is unique, and you can’t know how he or she will behave beforehand.

Some babies are quite clean. No burp will make their clothes dirty, and the diapers will never have leakages.

And some babies are just the opposite.

So it’s wise to start with a smaller number of clothes, but then adjust according to the needs of your baby.

Your habits

We all parent in our own way. It also affects how many baby clothes we would need. Things to consider:

  • How often do you do laundry? Every day? Once a week?
  • Are you outgoing or will you spend the majority of time at home? Will you want some presentable outfits for your baby, or are pajamas enough?
  • How lazy are you? Small babies don’t sweat much and spend a lot of time sleeping. Many days it’s enough for them to just switch one pajamas to the next one during bath time.
  • Will you want to have unpractical outfits just to take cute pictures? Or will you stick to the practical ones?

Should I buy newborn clothes or 0-3 month size?

Keep in mind that the newborn size will be outgrown very fast. Some babies are born already bigger than the clothes meant for the newborn size. It’s more futureproof to buy the first clothes for your baby in 0-3 month size.

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