Accepting Your Feelings About Pregnancy

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Becoming a mother is an exciting time. But it’s also completely normal to have mixed feelings about your pregnancy and even not want your baby at times.

It may be hard for you to admit that you feel this way, but it is essential to accept and acknowledge these emotions.

Let’s talk about why this feeling is so common and how to make peace with it.

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It’s OK To Have Mixed Feelings

When you are pregnant, it can be overwhelming to think about all the changes that will come with having a baby—especially if you weren’t trying to get pregnant in the first place.

You may worry about being able to afford a baby, how your relationship with your partner will change, or how you will manage all the responsibilities of motherhood. It’s only natural that this can lead to some mixed feelings about the situation.

Don’t beat yourself up for having these kinds of thoughts; they are completely normal!

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Find Support & Confide In Someone You Trust

Having someone you trust who understands what you’re going through can help you work through these mixed emotions. Talking openly and honestly with someone close to you can help validate your feelings and provide reassurance that everything will be okay.

If there isn’t anyone in your life who is able to give you that kind of support, consider talking with a therapist or counselor who specializes in pregnancy issues and parenting concerns. A professional can provide unbiased advice and help guide you toward making decisions that are best for both yourself and your baby.

Celebrate This Special Time

No matter what kind of feelings you may have toward your pregnancy, it’s important to celebrate this special time as much as possible.

Take care of yourself by eating healthy foods, getting plenty of rest, exercising regularly (with doctor approval), and spending quality time doing things that bring joy into your life—whether it’s reading a book or going on a mini-vacation with friends or family members.

Doing these simple activities can help restore balance during this unique period in life, while also setting up positive habits for when the baby arrives!


Learning to accept the range of emotions associated with pregnancy is key when moving forward in life as an expecting mommy-to-be!

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It is normal to experience fear, doubt, excitement, and anticipation—all at once!

The most important thing is finding support from people who understand what you’re going through so they can help guide and reassure you during this special time in life.

Celebrate every moment of pregnancy by taking care of yourself emotionally and physically while also enjoying the little moments along the way. Doing so will help set up positive habits for when your beautiful bundle arrives.

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